Seated Walker

$45.00 per week

If at anytime during the ordering process you are unsure how to proceed, please phone us on 0800 395 395 and our friendly team will assist you

For Saturday delivery, please call us

Designed for people who cannot kneel comfortably due to an injury or condition like arthritis.

Similar features to a Knee Scooter but instead of a knee pad, there is a comfortable large bike seat to sit on.

Stable and Lightweight – folds for easy storage and transport

A footrest is added to front of walker to rest your foot on.

Baskets / Bags

You have the choice of either a Basket with Crutches Holders or a Bike “Carry Bag” that clicks on the handlebars. If you choose the Carry Bag, the crutches holders are attached to the Steering Stem (see photos below).

Detachable Basket. Crutches Holders are attached to the side of the basket. The basket is easily removed for when you do not need it.

The “Carry Bag” is a Bicycle bag that includes a cup holder, pouch for Mobile phone and a water-resistant zip compartment. The Crutches Holders are attached to the steering stem.

Additional cup holders available.