Magnetic Crutches Holders


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Invented by Georgia Coughlan when she was a Year 7 student, for her science Fair project. A family friend was suffering from MS plus her mother was using crutches at the time after knee surgery. They were struggling with the age old problem of crutches falling over all the time. So Georgia set to work to find a solution. Geepers Keepers were the result.

A great way to keep your crutches together and enable them to stand up – together. A strong magnet is screwed into each crutch, so when you need to put the crutches aside, you simply let the magnets hold the crutches together. The crutches can then sit against the wall or furniture in a “cross” formation, and not fall onto the ground. Simple and effective!!

The Geepers Keepers are easy to attach to your crutches, coming with self-drilling self-tapping screws. Full fitting instructions are provided.